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At 80, Howard Schoor has had too many life acts to assign a number to this one. Trianglism is his personal art/life movement. Schoor’s mold is that of other self-taught originators, existing apart from the art world establishment. Schoor’s Trianglist works embody inescapable purity. The art is unsullied. His medium is acrylic paint, spackling paste and markers on canvas.

It is happy art.

Howard Schoor is a classically trained and licensed professional engineer. He built and led one of the nation’s largest regional engineering firms from 1967 to 1992. He worked with the triangle daily. Today, the triangle remains the focus of his art conscious. Then as now, Schoor leverages their angles to shape and deliver compelling recognizable art. His Trianglist works evidence his love of architecture, forms, angles and shapes, and his belief that “less can be more.” Trianglism tells a story. The Trianglist, Schoor, engineers emotion.

Howard Schoor was an art consumer long before he was an art creator. For a long time he, too, succumbed to the hoity-toity and hocus-pocus commercial machinations of the “insider” art world. As a consumer of important works, he learned quickly the arbitrary nature of the contemptible phenomenon called “art value.” He was driven to, more than merely arriving at, the decision to return art value to its rightful place. “Pleasure became my barometer. If the art pleased me, it was valuable.” Emboldened, he began to create.

Schoor began seriously marketing his art two years ago. In the short time since then, he has built a substantial brand and is steadily carving out a niche for his art and his inspiring story. After a successful showing at Artexpo New York in 2018, Howard debuted his vast body of work to Asbury Park, New Jersey’s more than 150 local artists, politicians, business owners and branded collectors. They came to The Asbury Hotel in June, joining his Trianglist art movement. In September, Schoor completed a five-week artist residency (the first of its kind) at Asbury Park’s Parlor Gallery. A mainstay in New Jersey’s art community, Parlor Gallery features original work by breakout and established, internationally collected artists.

Howard Schoor was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. He made New Jersey his home until a decade ago, when he established his Florida residence. Today, Howard lives and creates in Jupiter, Florida, Bethel, New York and Asbury Park, New Jersey. His artwork is available through the online gallery.

For additional background information, view Howard’s complete CV here.

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