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Howard Schoor’s art is available for viewing at Montserrat until September 30, 2021

“It’s a Schoor” is Howard Schoor’s latest art exhibition that was created to bring all pure happiness. Twelve pieces of artwork in a variety of colors and sizes of painted triangles has created a pleasurable experience to stop in at Hotel Tides and enjoy the moment and just be among the art. The exhibition was first conceptualized by Schoor prior to the pandemic but now holds an even deeper meaning, sharing his ‘happy art’ in the town he calls home for part of the year. 

Known for his geometric contemporary style, Schoor is an award-winning artist, quickly gaining recognition for his distinct, colorful artworks. “I’ve been wedded to these triangles for so long they became a part of me.” An engineer by training and profession, Schoor built and led one of the largest regional engineering firms. He has worked with the triangle daily which remains the focus of his art conscious. 

All are encouraged to visit the exhibit and take their own photographs using the hashtag #HowardSchoorArt #AsburyPark. General exhibition hours are Thursday through Sunday 5-10 p.m.

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