Montserrat Contemporary Art

It’s a Schoor Series

Howard Schoor’s art is available for viewing at Montserrat until September 30, 2021

Howard Schoor’s paintings are colorful in nature and showcase what his life’s work has been about, Trianglism. A professional engineer, he built and led one of the region’s largest engineering firms and worked with the triangle daily. Having coined the term Trianglism, Schoor immediately became the medium’s pioneer. “I’ve been wedded to these triangles for so long they became a part of me.”


Today, the triangle remains the focus of his art conscious. His Trianglist works evidence his love of architecture, forms, angles and shapes, and his belief that “less can be more.” Each piece is designed to bring happiness to the viewer.


Located in the Chelsea Art District, Montserrart Gallery offers an exciting yet safe way of experiencing art close up. Montserrat is presenting a spotlight show by the award winning artist, that focuses on his colorful medley of geometric ‘trianglism’. Covid-19 has greatly impacted the way we all have been socializing, so Schoor offers his ‘happy art’ to get us all connected once again.

Stay Close.

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