The “Artnership” at Bell Works Fresh Take on Art in Public Spaces Proves the “Right” Take

Artist Howard Schoor’s Pop-Up Gallery & Studio, the “Metroburb,” Holmdel, New Jersey

Howard Schoor Art, LLC, and Bell Works were engaged in a first of its kind “Artnership” that lasted from May 15th 2019 through the Fall of 2019. The Artnership was conceived as a fresh take on art in public spaces, placing the working artist and his art in a dedicated space within Bell Works’ two million square foot Metroburb. After just two weeks, the artist and Bell Works began benefiting similarly from their unique collaboration.
Abstract artist Howard Schoor said, “I’m very happy with the experience.” Pop-up gallery visitors, building tenants and their guests all seem to share Howard’s positive sentiment. Known for his self-titled happy art Trianglist paintings, pop-up gallery-goers have picked up on the happy art theme when describing Howard’s whimsical, colorful geometric paintings. “It really pleases me whenever I learn my art has a positive impact on someone’s emotions. It’s gratifying to see my art fill such a personal space.” He continued, “I fundamentally believe the world needs more happy art.”
The Artnership featured a mix of organic and planned events. A Bell Works’ tenant appreciation party held on May 23rd, saw over 200 attendees celebrate the Artnership, Howard Schoor and Bell Works. The evening combined bold abstract art, good wine and fresh sushi from Bell Market. Howard said, “That night really brought home the idea of the Metroburb for me.” The vision of Somerset Development President Ralph Zucker, the term Metroburb describes a self-contained metropolis in a livable and accessible suburban location. “There’s a sense of community here that is palpable and refreshing.”
Howard called a visit by Brandeis University alumnae an early highlight of his hybrid artist in residence. The group of 18 women spent several hours in the pop-up gallery and a pseudo artist’s workshop in which Howard spoke at length about his art, his evolution, and on a variety of topics of interest to the art enthusiasts. One of the attendees commented, “Your colorful art is indeed ‘happy art.’” Howard said, “This is what I envisioned the Artnership could be. The way these ladies engaged me and my art was dynamic, and I know as satisfying for them as it was for me.” He concluded, “The entire concept of the Artnership is about meaningful engagement that inspires art and the appreciation of art and the artist. So far, our goals are being realized.”
Whereas traditional art in public spaces often features little more than art or sculpture affixed to a building or displayed in a common area, the Artnership places art and the artist within the atmospheric culture. A part-time Asbury Park, New Jersey, resident, Howard Schoor is onsite almost every weekday, painting, creating and engaging visitors he is “honored” to host.
Bell Works is the reimagining of the historic former Bell Labs building in Holmdel, once the largest vacant commercial building in the country at two million square feet. For more information, contact 732.740.8797 or email

Ralph Zucker, President of Somerset Development, and Howard Schoor

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