As an art consumer, Howard Schoor was constantly frustrated by the lack of transparency in pricing. As a consumer of expensive and highly valued works, nowhere was the lack of transparency more grating than in art’s pricing and resale.

Howard Schoor’s stance on transparency aligns with views espoused by New York art dealer Alan Stone. “The contemporary art market is a perfect storm of hocus-pocus, spin and speculation, a combination slave market, trading floor, disco, theater and brothel where an insular, ever-growing caste enacts rituals in which codes of consumption and peerage are manipulated in plain sight,” says Stone. Schoor called the idea of valuing and purchasing art in a manufactured environment without any real transparency, “just stupid.”

Howard Schoor’s choice to offer his Trianglist artworks direct from this website and his Asbury Park, New Jersey, gallery/studio is his transparency.

Each time an art sale takes place, Howard Schoor publicly lists the work’s sale price as an authentic and established benchmark for future purchases of the specific piece or other comparable works within the same series. Actual sale price for each Original or Giclée reproduction will be listed monthly here.



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