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Writings about the triangle emerged as early as 300 BC.

Trianglism aligns closely with the heartbeat of conceptualism. The idea behind the art is fundamentally the art. Where Trianglism departs from conceptualism is in the equal footing afforded by the aesthetic and the underlying concept.

Trianglism refutes dog whistles that seek to “confuse rather than intrigue.”

Trianglism is bold, straightforward. Trianglism is visually and emotionally uncluttered and unpretentious. The work is a full-throated acknowledgment of its own simplicity. Absent are pleas to dissect it.

Whereas movements such as cubism sought to “reach beyond the rigid geometry of perspective,” Trianglism asks its audience to reside in the rigid geometry. Trianglism’s freedom is found and bequeathed within these confines.

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