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Howard Schoor Art at Hotel Tides, Asbury Park


Howard Schoor’s art will be on display at Hotel Tides from June 14 – July 12 of 2020.

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The “Artnership” at Bell Works Fresh Take on Art in Public Spaces Proves the “Right” Take

Artist Howard Schoor’s Pop-Up Gallery & Studio, the “Metroburb,” Holmdel, New Jersey

Howard Schoor Art, LLC, and Bell Works were engaged in a first of its kind “Artnership” that lasted from May 15th 2019 through the Fall of 2019. The Artnership was conceived as a fresh take on art in public spaces, placing the working artist and his art in a dedicated space within Bell Works’ two million square foot Metroburb. After just two weeks, the artist and Bell Works began benefiting similarly from their unique collaboration….

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Now Open Through July 31: The Bell Works Pop-Up Gallery Artnership

The “Artnership,” a fresh take on art in public spaces, is now open at the Bell Works’ Holmdel, New Jersey, Metroburb through July 31.

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The “Artnership” – A Fresh Take on Art in Public Spaces

Bell Works and Howard Schoor Art today announced their collaboration—the “Artnership,” a fresh take on art in public spaces, is coming to Bell Works’ Holmdel, New Jersey, Metroburb May 15 to July 31. Whereas traditional art in public spaces often amounts to little more than art or sculpture affixed to a building or displayed in a common area, the Artnership places art and the artist in the building’s interior space and its atmospheric culture. The experience of art in public spaces is elevated….

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Artist Howard Schoor Debuts “Little Gems” Series

Asbury Park Artist Howard Schoor today announced the addition of 44 new paintings to his vast body of Trianglist artwork. The “Little Gems” series offers small format original paintings, ranging in sizes 5” x 5” to 16” x 12”, as an adjunct to Schoor’s larger pieces. Priced $150 to $250, the Little Gems were created with new and budding art collectors in mind.

“I wanted to make my ‘happy art,’ and art in general, more accessible to more people,” Schoor explained….

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Jersey Shore Scene – Meet Abstract Artist Howard Schoor

By Tracey Hall 

Meeting Howard Schoor was a unique experience in many ways. The first impression was  before we actually met as I entered the building. 603 Mattison Ave, the former Asbury Park Press building, exactly the place where I began my career many years ago. The old girl has been transformed into a thriving hub of businesses, exactly like the town she sits in.

Howard’s studio is up on the third floor and filled with his art, blank canvases, colors, a drafting table and of course, triangles….

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This Summer Things Really Heated Up

It happened fast.
Thank you for showing up, for buying Howard’s art, and for joining his Trianglist movement. 
Enjoy this look back at what we achieved, together:

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The Journal Publications – Howard Schoor: From Collector to Creator

New local rising artist, Howard Schoor hit a home run at his introductory art show on June 22 at the Asbury Hotel. With 150-plus attendees, the event space was filled with friends, local artists, politicians, business owners and branded collectors who came to be part of his Trianglist art movement.

The night included a short presentation by Schoor about his journey from being a significant collector of art to a creator of art. He talked about viewing contemporary art in galleries and museums in the United States and Europe and saying, “I can do that.”

In 2016 at age 77, he began to paint and proved that he indeed “can do that.” His medium is acrylic paint, spackle paste and markers….

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Asbury Park Sun – Trianglist Howard Schoor Begins Parlor Gallery Residency On Saturday

Asbury Park resident Howard Schoor lives by one edict – it is what it is.

An engineer turned entrepreneur, inventor, home builder, and bank owner, Schoor went on to become one of the area’s staunchest philanthropists and humanitarians.

And so it came as no surprise to those who know him well that the soon to be octogenarian has embarked on a new vocation; that of visual artist.

“This began long before retirement,” he said….

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